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What is 19.67?


As Sigma Chis, we share common values, experiences, and a lifelong commitment to our great Fraternity. As Zeta Pis, we share a deep brotherhood like no other, one of commitment to the Friendship value.


Choosing to support the Zeta Pi Chapter is about supporting our brothers straight from Zeta Pi. Choosing to join the 19.67 program is a small way to have a significant impact and help grow the Zeta Pi Chapter.  

These active undergraduates have continuously had to adapt to changing environments and requirements yet have worked harder than ever to maintain the chapter and a commitment to excellence. 


Today's world requires more of our men than ever before. Today's Sigma Chi is a catalyst for aspiring Values-Based leaders — Young men who seek lifelong learning so they can positively impact our world. And at Zeta Pi, they do that by serving as leaders in the student body. Brothers are Pack Leaders in Javelina Camp, being officers for Dance Marathon, and even being involved all over campus, including athletics.


Each program helps fund the Fraternity's activities such as wine and Cheese, Sweetheart Ball, and other formal events. This money will also allow Active members to attend KTLW, Grand Chapter, and Horizons when applicable. By joining these programs, you also assist with the cost of recruitment materials and recruiter programs, chapter dues, RMF, and many other essential payments required for the chapter. 

This monthly donation programs allow you to assist the active chapter while receiving exclusive perks from the active chapter. The program available to you is the 19.67 program.

Choose to join this program and help your chapter today. Join 19.67, just as the founders would have wanted. 

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